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RandomFox Baby!

Non-profit exec/graphic designer who loves to create bright, bold, nature-inspired designs. I love to create – I must create! It’s all about random creations of love.


I have always loved to draw and make things like birthday cards with funky type and goofy characters, drawings of paper dolls with loads of clothing options, hand-painted clothing, and more. I even created a birthday card for Whitney Houston out of a piece of card board a DJ had passed around for fans to sign. I was told she liked it. 

I took that creativity and put it to work in a variety of areas in the printing industry as a graphic designer. I've co-created and published two motorcycle magazines, and I've created 3D models of huge excavators. I like to think I'm well rounded. I even know how to spec type - EEK!. 

I am currently taking Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells - Year of Art School 2022 to amp up my skills in illustration, so keep your eyes open for new work. 

I am available for licensing, commissions, and custom sculptures.

Email me at for more information. 




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